Ralph's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

Presenting Ralph's

italo in 1979 Ralph's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria opened its doors in 1979. Since that time, Ralph's has been serving quality food under the ownership of the Funiciello family. Ralph's has always been family run and owned with a strong personal touch using only the finest ingredients and recipes. Ralph's has incorporated an Italian-American cuisine with a true Italian style of cooking brought all the way from Treglia, Italy, the birthplace of Ralph's owner, Italo. Whether you eat in, take out or use our delivery service, we hope you enjoy your dining experience.

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Presenting Your Hosts

Italo & John Funiciello

Italo, the youngest of 4 children, was born in the quiet mountain town of Treglia, to his adoring parents, Giuseppe and Vincenza Funiciello. At the age of 16, Italo set out to find work in Switzerland joining his brother Giovanni Funiciello. After having spent four years there, Italo, at the age of 20 and his brother along with several other family members set out for America. With little to his name and the ambition of youth he set sail to start his journey for the "American Dream". Needless to say, Italo more than surpassed his expectations. He met his beautiful, caring, and equally ambitious wife, Arlene.Italo and Arlene Together they worked to give their emerging family a life where anything is possible. Italo took a job working on at factory in Carlstadt but his natural Italian passion for ensuring everyone is well feed led him to Ralph's. In the process of feeding the residents of East Rutherford, he and Arlene have raised their 3 children, John, Marco and Marisa. Italo now looks forward to the day he can hand the reins of Ralph's confidently to his son John and focus his attention on spoiling his grandchildren. Of course, Ralph's loyal customers will never have to fear missing the cheerful greeting received from Italo. They have become so much a part of his family and heart he could never completely leave the restaurant behind.

John, the eldest of the three Funiciello children, was born in Hackensack, NJ. John was practically raised right in Ralph's. After years of watching his father's hard work and lending a hand from time to time, John decided to join his father behind the counter. Ralph's has become a corner stone in not only in John's life but in the East Rutherford community. It was working here that John met his fiancee, Maria. It was here that his son, Italo Giovanni, had his first slice of pizza and it is here that Little Italo may someday continue the tradition his father and father's father had started: to ensure the community of East Rutherford does not go hungry.